Dating a high functioning autistic

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What It’s Like to Date When You’re on the Autism Spectrum

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They will want to Daging most of their time focusing on what fnuctioning them Most people with autism develop intense autistc. Most of their time q be spent focused on what they are interested in and when they talk to people they want to talk about their interest, often for many hours expecting everyone to be as interested in the subject as they are. They often have very little time for talking about anything else and can be blunt with people about how they are boring them when others start talking about a different topic. Try to be explicit with your partner, telling them what you are thinking, feeling and what you need from them.

It can help to talk to your partner about any relationship problems you are having and explain your feelings in a calm, reasoned way. This could be done using clear language in an email or text. The Spectrum can be a different language at times, but if you nudge us just right we'll listen and do something about "our flaws". Sometimes I learned the hard way and I totally hated it until the new concepts grew on me, which is still happening to this day.

I'm always growing up. What is it like to be autistic? View Abstract Attwood, T. Attwood, T. Understanding and managing circumscribed interests. Prior Ed. New York: The Guilford Press. Ray, F.

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Sexual Addiction and Compulsivity, 11 4— View Abstract Aston, M. Aspergers in love: Couple relationships and family affairs. The complete guide to Asperger's syndrome. Aston, M. Practical advice and activities for couples and counsellors: That was more than four years ago.

Functioning Dating a autistic high

When my writing career began inFunctioniny never dreamed that I would open up about being on the autism spectrum, much less delve into the vulnerable details of my personal life. Starting on August 28, fuctioning, a new chapter began. The one thing I've really enjoyed about dating someone else autistif on the spectrum is that they don't play stupid dating Datinb like waiting several hours to text someone, an entire week after the first date. Aspies get straight functionimg the point. Their intentions are very easy to decipher. The autistlc thing I do not like functioinng dating an Aspie though, is that they autiistic pick up on social cues that a neurotypical would.

For example, if a neurotypical tries to hold your hand or kiss you on the first date, they would give you direct eye contact and know that if the person doesn't move, that's their fjnctioning saying, "it's OK Dxting kiss me. Can you describe to me what your experience has been like with online dating? Would you recommend it to somebody else on the spectrum? I would definitely not recommend it, because a lot of the guys on those sites are players. They like to play with girls, and I've noticed that a lot of girls on the spectrum tend to get played with. When you're talking to people online, you can't see their facial expressions, so if you say something inappropriate or weird, you're not going to see your facial expression.

Getting stood up has also been a problem for me. Nearly every date that I tried to meet up with on those sites has done that to me. How consistently have you been in a relationship over the years? I'm not sure how to answer. I had my first date at 19, but it was an isolated event. I started "looking" at 21, and found a partner at 22 that I've been with ever since, in addition to many other partners over the years as I am polyamorous. I'm 27 now. It's really interesting that you practice polyamory. What drew you to that particular lifestyle? I've always had the inclination to be poly. I kind of buried it though, thinking of it as the fantasy of an adolescent.

One thing about polyamory that really appeals to me as an Aspie is that people on the spectrum tend to like very clear rules and boundaries, and in polyamorous relationships, those things have to be talked out to make it work. Other than that I've found poly to be much harder. ASD affects communication and poly is all communication. I get less alone time to recover because I have to make sure all of my partners get the time that they need, and since I don't drive, that makes arranging dates with each partner more difficult. Since I rely on disability for money, trying to figure out a living setup that works for all has been—Well, we haven't figured it out yet.

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